Yogyakarta International Media Art Festival


page about our annual yogyakarta international media art festival. From 1st Festival in 2007 to the 6th in 2012. Click here to access

Yogyakarta International Videowork Festival

Yogyakarta International Videowork Festival #08 2012 "HUMAN:ENERGY" is coming. Click here to view the site and programs.

Education Focus Program - EFP

Education Focus Program

is a project conceived of in terms of a developing country. The main goal of the project is to build a modern conception of a future between  technology and people.
Read more about EFP

HonFab Lab Indonesia - The Concepts


FabLab (Fabrication Laboratory) is a small-scale workshop offering digital fabrication. Read more about HONFablab or Fablab Yogyakarta hosted by HONF and Waag Society.

v.u.f.o.c an extraterrestrial study center

v.u.f.o.c. is a 'dark' or 'ghost' mobile artistic bioresearch and extraterrestrial data hacklab created for outdoor and field investigation activities...read more about v.u.f.o.c project


Indonesia Bricolabs presentation and discussion at Duta Wacana University
1st August 2008

On 1st August 2008, The House of Natural Fiber (HONF) proudly presented the first Indonesia Bricolabs presentation and discussion at Duta Wacana University (UKDW) as a starting event for Cellsbutton#02. One of the advisors of HONF, Rob van Kranenburg, was giving a presentation about Bricolabs to the audience in a 3 hours session of Indonesia Bricolabs. Rob van Kranenburg from Bricolabs, Virtueel Platform and Waag Society, for distributed network for global and local development of generic infrastructures technologies.

The session also filled with a presentation about biotechnology research and development for human life by Ir. Irfan Dwidya Prijambada, M.Eng., Ph.D. from Gajah Mada University (UGM). The presentatin talked about the possibilities of plants’ DNA reconstruction for several purposes and functionalities. The third lecturer was Z. Arifin Wicaksono from Bio Chemicals Indonesia. He was presenting the advantages of water base paint and coating, a natural friendly substance for building, furniture and structure.

At the closing of the session, HONF invited personals, institutions, researchers and scientists, to join Indonesia Bricolabs. Indonesia Bricolabs having a mission to facilitate its incrementally new inventions and innovations in a discussion forum from global and also local. From its’ forum, HONF look ahead to bring together all ideas of new inventions through workshops and discussion collaboratively as one of the focus in Education Focus Program (EFP) curriculum.

Rob van Kranenburg / Speaker 1
Ir. Irfan Dwidja Prijambada / Speaker 2
Z. Arifin Wijaksono / Speaker 3
Venzha / Moderator


cellsKIT at Institute of Sains and Technology AKPRIND
05 August 2009

Indonesia Bricolabs which have been initiated since Cellsbutton#02 was on the agenda on the session with the introduction of AKPRIND Institute of Science and Technology.

Mr. Ir. Sudarsono, MT as The Rector of Institute of Science and Technology AKPRIND opened the session with a welcoming speech to cellsparticipants. Marc Duseiller representing cellsparticipants gave a short introduction to the IST AKPRIND. Marc continue on a presentation on his activities and projects which followed by Mar Canet. Mar Canet explaining his works and activities in new media which many of his works involving programming and interactive designs. IST AKPRIND gave a presentation on Science and Technology application results by Mr. Sukamta, PhD.

Most of the application of the school program involving the usage of the technology in the general society of Indonesia such as building machinery and robotic for farming and fishery. Closing the session, Mr. Samuel Kristiyana, MT guide cellsparticipants to a visit to IST AKPRIND Laboratory, which located in Kotabaru Yogyakarta. The visits of AKPRIND Laboratory to see the infrastructures and several works such as robots and machines that have been developed by IST AKPRIND.



Fablab Yogyakarta
HONFablab [Fablab Yogyakarta], the 1st Fablab in Indonesia.
go to HONFablab website, click here

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